I write sometimes.

Format Wars
Media formats are gradually escaping the consumer purview as apathy and the desire for convenience grow stronger than our own self-interest and we continue to cede ground to corporate avarice. Also, a cartoon shark.

Non Profit, Non Pauper
Non-profit organizations aren't trying to siphon off all the money in the world like for-profit corporations are, but they do still need some money to operate, and having some extra as a buffer is totally fine.

Metric Time
Metric time is heavily misunderstood, and thus most often misused as a joke.

Happy Holidays
The phrase “Happy Holidays” says one thing but means another.

Rich Web, Poor Web
Rich web content has so overloaded what should be basic web pages that some browsers provide a "reader" mode to forcibly reformat them as such.

Disney and Copyright
This article reviews the history of Disney's lobbying efforts with copyright law and explains the problems this has caused.

Ebooks And Emulators
In this article, I discuss the distinctions between the media and platforms people use to consume books and video games.

Why Windows?
This article explains why I prefer Windows over Apple or Unix systems.

Flashlight Basics
The Welcome Mat explains fundamental concepts about flashlights, such as how we measure brightness, electricity, and so on.

Building a PC (PDF)
A slightly dated PDF guide on how to build a computer from basic components (motherboard, power supply, etc.).

Balloons aren't great
Why does anyone like balloons, really?