HuntLight FT02XJ

The FT02XJ is quite a nice offering from HuntLight. It has a LuxIII, textured reflector, HA, and a battery extension tube that allows the use of 1xCR123A or 2AA. The picture below shows the light with the extension tube installed.

The light can be taken apart as shown. This shows the bezel, LA, main body (with 1xCR123A poking out), 2AA extension tube (note the decrease in ID, eliminating the battery rattle that would be present in a light designed for CR123A widths), and the tailcap.

The brightness is the same in either battery configuration, although NiMH will work better than alk, as always. The beam is just like every other Lux HuntLight - beautiful, with a soft hotspot fading gracefully into a decent sidespill. This light is not quite as bright as the FT01J, but the difference is negligible.

Now, I really do have to mention that knurling you can see on the 2AA battery tube. I don't know how they did it, but it feels sticky. I love it.

As you can see, this tailcap precludes tailstanding. Oh well.

This light is a really great 2AA light, but it's a little bulky for a 1xCR123A. Output is great, runtime is great, finish and machining are great. The only thing missing is two levels of output, like the Fenix L2T has.