Fenix L2T

The L2T is a nice little light, compact and light enough to comfortably EDC. It's not much wider than the 2AA cells that power it, and only a bit longer.

As you can see, it comes with a decent holster. It only has a belt loop, however, instead of a clip, so you have to thread a belt all the way through the loop.

The tailcap and head can both be unscrewed. The idea is to leave the head in place and open the tail to change batteries.

The head of the L2T is very nice. If you tighten it all the way, it'll give about 2.5 hours of perfectly regulated light (according to FR), and if you loosen it just slightly, the output will drop, giving you a still-useful amount of light for about 15-20 hours. Both levels are current regulated - no flickering.

I "pimped" my L2T with a TIC (Tactical Impact Crown) from TAD Gear. It affects the outer fringes of the spillbeam, but doesn't really make much practical difference in the beam. However, it precludes bezel-down carry in the holster, so you'll have to carry it bezel-up.

This light uses 0.12A on low and 0.8A on high, at 2.3V, consuming 0.276W and 1.84W of power, respectively.

The L2T is a finely designed and produced light. It delivers great bang for the buck, with lots of bang indeed.