Tenergy RCR123A-3V Charger

This Tenergy charger is one of several available solutions to get a nominal voltage of 3.0V out of Li-Ions (instead of 3.7V). I have heard tell that these particular cells use a dropping resistor to accomplish that. This charger can only be used with the type of cells that it came with, and vice versa.

As you can see, it comes with both AC and DC chargers, and there's an indicator LED at the top right of the unit. It can be yellow, green, or orange, depending on what the charger is doing. The charger comes packaged with four cells.

Since you might be interested in the specs of the AC charger, here it is:

It's really handy to have 3V Li-Ions, since some lights (like the Gladius, for instance) could get fried with a pair of 3.7s but can't make good use of a single 3.7. As a matter of fact, I have a pair of these cells in the Gladius on my belt as I type this, since I EDC it. There are several other 3V Li-Ions available (Powerizer, LiFePO4, etc.), and this one works fine.