Fenix E1

The E1 is a slightly beefier predecessor to the E0. It has the same body as the L0P, but its output is somewhere between that of the L0P and the E0. It uses a Nichia "Power LED," which gives it a brighter, whiter, throwier, and more ringy beam than the E0, with a shorter runtime as well. At 0.18A on a 1.75V Energizer L92 AAA lithium cell (0.315W) , it should have about half the runtime of the E0 on the same cell.

The E1 may be larger than the E0, but not by much.

The E1 has an actual chromed reflector and a glass lens.

The E1 has a notch in its tail just like the E0, so it too can tailstand.

I bought this light with the E0, but I've found that I haven't used it at all. I think it's because if I want more output, I want MUCH more output, so I'll choose a bigger light.