Fenix E0

The E0 is pretty direct competition for the revered ARC AAA-P. Here is a short list of differences:

That's about all I can think of.

First, the E0 is tiny. Really, really tiny.

That picture doesn't really give a good idea of scale, so here's another picture, this time with the light open and an L92 AAA sticking out.

See? Tiny.

The E0 doesn't have much output, but it's definitely more than enough to accomplish its intended purpose, which is lighting up dark corners indoors and lighting up a path for basic navigation. It's a great EDC light. Its floody output is pretty bluish, but if you need exact color definition to figure out which wire is greenish-blue and which is bluish-green to save the city from certain destruction, you'll most likely have more and better lights.

It's a 5mm LED sitting inside a V-shaped, bare Al reflector. And yes, it does indeed reflect, even though it's bare Al. There is no window covering, but the LED is recessed.

There's a split ring included with the light, and a notch in the tail lets the light tailstand.

The E0 draws a mere 0.09A at 1.6V, on an Energizer L92 AAA lithium, consuming 0.144W of power.

Overall, this is a great light. Whenever I need a penlight-type light, I reach for the E0, because it's unbelievably small and light, the output is decent and useful, and the runtime is unbelievable. For only $20, this light is a real bargain.