Lumapower Lumacraft D-Mini

The D-Mini is an excellent little light, and Lumapower deserves every accolade it's inspired. It has a great design, with snazzy looks, easy operation, and very useful throw (to put it mildly), and great fit/finish quality; all the parts fit together smoothly, with no bad spots, lint in the head, etc. It's quite a pocketable light, although it's far from keychain-light (P1) status. It's barely noticable on the holster, but that doesn't mean much coming from me because I also carry an Inka, my wallet, my Gladius+FM34, my phone, my SOG B61, and an FT-01XSE P4 on my belt. Still, it's small.

As you can see by the sliver of the tailswitch button peeking out from the tailcap, it can't tailstand. That's not really where this light "shines" (ha, ha), but it would be a nice feature.

It runs on a single 16340, either primary or Li-Ion. It supposedly gets a nicely visible increase in brightness on RCRs, so I'll probably buy a couple cells from AW at some point to try that out.

The light comes with a tactical-type push-momentary/twist-constant installed, and a reverse clickie is included, along with a black tailswitch cover (installed) and a GITD tailswitch cover (included). I immediately swapped out the tactical switch and black switch cover for the reverse clickie and GITD. It's much easier to use, in my opinion.

The GITD material is decent. Hit it with a blast (not more than a second or two) from another flashlight, and it'll be really bright for a few minutes. It fades to a merely reasonable glow for a while after that. The photo below is about what you should expect a minute or two after a charge. It isn't powerful enough to use as a floody flashlight, but it's enough for it to be visible. Click that faintly glowing button, and you'll get a whole ton of light out the other end.

Now, then, "D-Mini" may have made you think of a small light, and that's accurate, but this light really, and I mean REALLY, stands out in the throw department. That big head is there for a reason!

This thing is insane. Here are a couple comparison shots:

P1 vs. D-Mini:

P1D-CE (on high) vs. D-Mini:


Cell Voltage Current Wattage

All in all, this is a great piece of work - very functional, and at the same a pleasure to use. It was great to have during one of the many instances in which, while leaving a friend's house at night, their black lab rushed out the door to sniff around. He only goes a few houses down in a cul-de-sac, but it sure felt good to whip out the D-Mini and light him up so we could go after him and shoo him back indoors. The D-Mini has proven itself to be an eminently useful and impressive light, for about $60. Congratulations, Lumapower!