TigerhawkT3's League of Legends Replays

If you want to view these replays, you'll need to have League of Legends installed, as they are basically server I/O records, not videos. Fortunately, they're only really of any interest to people who already play LoL.

Farranor - Galio 20120825 15;49.lrf
Messing around with Galio on a bot match.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120823 11;12.lrf
Would've been nice to get fed more, but pretty good K/D on int bots.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120825 15;20.lrf
So annoying to have to kill Zilean twice to score once, but I had decent support for this int bot match.

Farranor - Sivir 20120825 16;38.lrf
Ugh... Nunu and I were doing fine, but the other three fed so hard, so fast, that we actually lost a bot match. Not only did they feed, they did it in my lane sometimes, siphoning off my XP and last hits. Calls for surrender were denied, and none of the feeders said a word about it. Just painful.

Farranor - Brand 20120825 17;51.lrf
Brand has great harass/poke, but no chase, no escape, inadequate burst, very little utility, and no way to mow down minions without gobbling mana. Xin Zhao was pretty bad, being more than a few levels behind for most of the match, but he had a great attitude and didn't quit. Still, took about an hour to beat those int bots. Funny story: Karthus bot killed someone who had just Recalled and was standing on base.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120825 20;52.lrf
Our team was good on the whole, and I personally did reasonably well, too. I felt bad for their Sejuani, whom they sent to solo top. It didn't work out too well. They ended up surrendering to us at about the half-hour mark.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 16;39.lrf
Did pretty well, but also learned that dashing through base walls is exit-only. Enemy ended up surrendering at around 41 minutes.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 17;40.lrf
Our early luck started to get balanced out by mid-game, but purple never managed to catch up with us and surrendered at just 24 minutes.

Farranor - Brand 20120826 18;10.lrf
Even against beginner bots, our team had to bicker with each other about being 1/2 instead of 1/1. Plus, a Xin who decided to AFK half the time instead of play the game.

Farranor - Master Yi 20120826 19;51.lrf
I did fine, and my team generally did fine, but these int bots were just ridiculous. I'd move up to one of them in order to engage, and I'd be at half health or less before taking the first swing. We just couldn't stop them from destroying our turrets, inhibitors, then nexus. If I'd gone as Tryn, or someone with a stun like Taric, we might've been able to push them back. Also, Yi has terrible chase if his ult's not active. Look at when the Sona interrupted me when I was in the middle of killing the dragon.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 20;26.lrf
What a match. Their Jax had a habit of standing there and letting me rip his face off, which his team compensated for by trash-talking. When I'm fighting the northern golems and the Blitzcrank and Fiddle jump me, I wasn't expecting them to burst me down so quickly, so I delayed my ult too long and didn't pop it. When I died, they invited me to "ult THAT, doucheamere!", and I replied that I really should have ulted. They said that their point was that I couldn't have, because Blitz had silenced me. I clarified that Undying Rage can be used while silenced or stunned. They said I still wouldn't have been able to escape. I kept quiet about being able to dash through walls. A few minutes later, I dashed through a treeline to get the jump on Fiddle and kill him right next to his tower. He jeered that I had to use my ult on him, which prompted me to ask why he didn't use his, and (ready for the epic reply?) he said that he doesn't waste his ult on immortal cocksuckers (with typos thrown in to bypass the language filter). I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or insulted. When we scored an ace a few minutes after that, they surrendered.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 22;16.lrf
I think my team all did decently well, but some of us, particularly the Sona (who was actually very helpful support), just couldn't escape well enough to avoid getting ganked. And then their Poppy was just unstoppable. 3.2k hp, 250+ armor, knockbacks... plus Teemo's traps everywhere. We tried our best, but couldn't pull it off.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 23;11.lrf
It all started with me trying to make good use of my teammate's Exhaust at the 2- or 3-minute mark. Enemy Garen used his summoner heal to survive, and his tower killed me. It went downhill from there. I just could not keep up with his level, as he was soloing top and had help with the occasional gank. In contrast, I would ask for help and just hear crickets. It was pretty disappointing.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120826 23;48.lrf
First off, my team had me solo bot. As Tryn. Against a Varus and a Galio (range, extra-range abilities, two slows, etc.). I actually did surprisingly well, considering the "help" I got from my team. That "help" consisted of a jungle Eve who spent the entire game 3-4 levels below everyone else, and popped up now and again to either die or help me get a kill; I was never sure what would happen. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the map, their Teemo was getting fed fit to burst. And burst damage is exactly what he started spreading around. I don't think we ever really had a chance.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120827 16;03.lrf
Just a relaxing int bot match with a friend.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120827 16;47.lrf
Int bots trivialized by someone who really, really knows how to play Sivir.

Farranor - Sivir 20120827 22;00.lrf
I'm not sure how, but Twisted Treeline manages to be an incredibly horrible place. My second time there ever, and my two teammates are feeding and bickering.

Farranor - Brand 20120827 22;44.lrf
It's a good thing SpecMode doesn't record chat, because in this Twisted Treeline match, that enemy Rengar talked so. Much. Trash.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120827 23;24.lrf
I'm not sure why, but I tried TT once again... and this time, it was my team who started the trash talking. Poor enemy Teemo was just doing what Teemos do best when my team started ripping into him, just because he was doing really well. Oh, and we lost again.

Farranor - Garen 20120828 01;04.lrf
Hadn't tried Garen in a while, so that was kind of neat... but LOOK AT THAT XERATH! For a champ I never see, he's incredibly good at slaughtering intermediate bots.

Farranor - Sivir 20120828 13;50.lrf
Dominion match against intermediate bots. I did okay, I guess.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120828 14;06.lrf
Another Dominion match against intermediate bots, another mediocre performance.

Farranor - Graves 20120828 15;07.lrf
First time playing Graves since a single match several months ago. Didn't do too well, and the int bots beat us, but at least I learned a bit about how to gear this guy.

Farranor - Graves 20120828 15;43.lrf
Tried Graves again, this time with a different item build. I figured I'd go all-out attack speed with a Bloodrazor, and it worked better, although the bigger factor was probably the last round's practice. After the match, someone suggested going for more standard AD items, which is more boring, but I like being effective.

Farranor - Brand 20120828 19;24.lrf
Those intermediate bots just love to use their bonus gold to buy tank items. A Cho'Gath with 3.8k hp and 250 magic resist made it very unrewarding to be a poking mage.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120828 19;51.lrf
My lowbie sister wanted to play a few matches with me, so we did some beginner bot matches. In this one, she tried Katarina.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120828 20;33.lrf
Another beginner bot match with my sister. She's Katarina again.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120828 21;16.lrf
Another beginner bot match with my sister. She went with Graves this time.

Farranor - Sivir 20120828 21;41.lrf
Another beginner bot match with my sister. She's Graves again.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120828 22;18.lrf
Another beginner bot match with my sister. She's still practicing with Graves.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120829 14;00.lrf
An actual PvP match. I laned with a Leona against a Kat who was probably just test-driving a free weekly champ, and a skinned Nunu. We did well enough for them to surrender at just 20:29.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120829 15;05.lrf
It may have been an easy bot match, but laning against a ranged and a stunner was no fun. I was also trying to give tips to a friend of a friend who just started playing recently.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120829 15;49.lrf
Bottom was doing all right, but apparently top was doing better still. Combined with an enemy Jax who went AFK, enemy surrendered.

Farranor - Graves 20120829 16;23.lrf
Had some trouble initially, with an intermediate bot escaping with the tiniest sliver of health, and some ganks later on, but ended up doing fine.

Farranor - Graves 20120830 17;21.lrf
Tried some weird items in this intermediate bot match, but it worked well. Sword of the Occult is cheap and builds stacks even on assists, and Maw of Malmortius seemed a nicely-balanced item with AD and defense. I felt a bit bad for the Pantheon I laned with, because I felt like I was taking too many kills, but I also tried to help him out with CC, and deliberately stopped attacking just before one of our last kills so that he could get it.

Farranor - Graves 20120830 18;10.lrf
This time, I was the one watching my lane buddy (a Katarina) get the kills while I languished in the Land of No Gold. Kept chipper and laughed about it, and the Kat tried to help me get some kill shots, which is a nice change from the variations of "play better noob" one normally sees. Also in this intermediate bot match: a Tryn with the Demonblade skin... going AP. No, I am not kidding you.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120831 13;00.lrf
In this PvP match, Tryn's terrible early game continued into a terrible late game. Enemy team had too many CCs.

Farranor - Katarina 20120831 13;31.lrf
Trying to learn how to play Katarina doesn't work too well, even against intermediate bots, when your lane is mobbed five minutes in by people taking your gold and XP. Doesn't help when one of your teammates obviously shouldn't be playing bot matches, with their skin and their 34/1/7.

Farranor - Katarina 20120831 15;02.lrf
Katarina is TERRIBLE. Low CDs on abilities, zero mana cost... but nothing does any real damage. Try to make the abilities more powerful, and autoattack does nothing. No slow, vulnerable to slows, can't even kill underleveled intermediate bots 1v1.

Farranor - Graves 20120831 18;18.lrf
See Graves. See Graves run. See int bots with worse shoes run faster.

Farranor - Graves 20120831 19;07.lrf
When everyone is an ADC/APC, fall behind once and you'll be trampled beneath the well-intentioned crowd. Oh, and watch that heroic Poppy dive at an enemy to push them out of the way of my ult.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120901 19;10.lrf
A one-on-one against an easy bot. I deliberately let it go long so I could have a full build and squish things.

Farranor - Brand 20120901 19;41.lrf
Another easy bot 1v1, but without quite as many crushings.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 16;35.lrf
First time I'd played Vayne in months, which is as good an excuse as any for going 3/9 against intermediate bots.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 18;03.lrf
After spending over 8k IP on a new rune page, I went 7/3 against these int bots.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 18;55.lrf
More Vayne, more int bots, more competent performance (11/3).

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 20;31.lrf
Vayne again. Didn't do quite as well as the previous match, but still decent.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 21;29.lrf
Roller-coaster of an intermediate bot match! I started out with a handful of kills, but then the bots - especially Xin and Malz - started crushing us with their early high-tier items. They had quite a bit of CC, while we had very little, and it started to go badly for everyone, including me. They destroyed turrets, inhibitors, and nearly aced us a few times. We went on the defensive, farmed up some gold, and eventually started to push back. With careful teamwork, I went from a KDR of around 3 (early-game) to a KDR of 1/3 (mid-game) to a KDR of nearly 3 again, ending the match at 21/8. Pretty good.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 22;41.lrf
I started out TERRIBLE, but managed to pull ahead and show those intermediate bots what for.

Farranor - Vayne 20120909 23;20.lrf
A rough start, but ended up 17/4 against those intermediate bots, with the most kills and best KDR. Guardian Angel saves me TWICE.

Farranor - Vayne 20120910 17;10.lrf
Possibly the best game I've ever had. My teammmates were four friends queuing up together, one of whom played support Taric and fed the intermediate bots to me on a silver spoon.

Farranor - Vayne 20120910 21;25.lrf
With a Yi in another lane finishing at 40/5, and laning with a fellow carry, I couldn't get anything done. I actually think the Yi was personally trying to stretch out the game, because I'm pretty sure he could've crushed all the enemy buildings himself in less than the nearly 40 minutes it took us.

Farranor - Vayne 20120911 00;27.lrf
Did okay against the int bots. No support, but whatever.

Farranor - Tryndamere 20120911 01;18.lrf
A team full of carries is a recipe for "he stole my kill!", but I rarely see someone go up to a three-quarters-dead red lizard and steal the buff from right under my nose. Happened here, though, and the guy just ignored my queries.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 14;43.lrf
My first time as Cho'Gath, vs intermediate bots. He's an interesting champ. Kind of annoying to have the entire team disconnected from the server, though, especially when I'm in combat, and particularly especially when it makes me lose stacks of something.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 15;22.lrf
Some early bickering about who goes in what lane, but it was resolved pretty quickly. Then I went ahead and started EATING THOSE INTERMEDIATE BOTS FOR BREAKFAST, OM NOM NOM NOM.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 16;19.lrf
Probably would've done better against those intermediate bots if people could manage to stay in lane, with support, for more than five minutes.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 16;56.lrf
Just a good, fun game against those intermediate bots. I think I may have stole a couple kills, but overall not too bad.

Farranor - Vladimir 20120911 19;20.lrf
Even against intermediate bots, I am not good with casters. Just... not.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 19;52.lrf
In this int bot match, we had a Varus and a Vladimir on our team, but the Varus went bot, the Vlad went top, and two others went with them. That left me on mid, as Cho'Gath. Not a terrible performance, but it felt wrong.

Farranor - Chogath 20120911 20;48.lrf
This time, I asked in advance if anyone was going mid, and when they confirmed, I locked Cho in. But it turned out that two people wanted to jungle, so that left me alone in a lane, again, now laning against two intermediate bots, and to top it off, it was Sivir and Zilean. Still ended up doing pretty well, though. You'll also see me waste my ult on Renekton and get no stacks, because he got repopped by Guardian Angel. Several minutes later, I specifically waited for him to "die," spend those couple seconds in stasis, then the moment he popped up, I ATE HIM.

Farranor - Chogath 20120912 12;38.lrf
Death on Cho is always irritating, but it only happened a couple times. I got several kills and lots of assists against these intermediate bots.

Farranor - Chogath 20120912 14;50.lrf
Even with me repeatedly resetting my router to try to overcome a wonky Internet connection (200-600ms a lot of the time) for this intermediate bot match, I ended up middle-of-the-road within my team's deaths and assists, and tied for top kills. Shout out to Guardian Angel for saving me a few times.

Farranor - Chogath 20120912 16;22.lrf
Beautiful match, just amazing. Defeated the int bots in less than 25 minutes, 13/0/13, courteous and happy teammates.

Farranor - Chogath 20120912 19;40.lrf
41 minutes of bickering, for an intermediate bot match that we won pretty easily. Oh well.

Farranor - Chogath 20120912 20;23.lrf
More bickering, but there was some lightheartedness too, and we all did pretty well on this int bot match (except the Vlad, who had trouble getting killing blows and ended up with a ton of assists).