UltraFire WF-139 Lithium-Ion Charger

The 139 is a dual-channel charger for most sizes of Li-Ion cells. It runs on mains power (worldwide AC voltage) or 12VDC, for which a car adapter is available separately for a couple extra bucks. When charging a cell, the LED below it lights up red, blinking green every couple seconds. This indicates that the charger is checking the voltage of the cell to avoid cooking it.

As you can see, I got the 12VDC cable, because in addition to car charging, I could tote along a 12V SLA and charge my lithiums from that. The spacers are included, and allow you to charge short cells, although the common sizes (xx500, xx650, xx670) are nicely accomodated by the spring-loaded negative contacts.

In the picture below, you can clearly see the 12VDC port and the negative contacts. The contacts in the sides of the charger are not connected and therefore nonfunctional.

The AC port is keyed for polarity. Look closely at this image to see the round jack on the left and the square jack on the right.

And here's some technical info:

This charger works quite nicely. It's quick and easy, and wasn't too expensive ($20 or so).