Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA Luxeon

This light is the very embodiment of solid, tough reliability. Its plastic housing isn't ordinary plastic, but rather a high-impact polymer. Drop a plastic 2D incan light on the floor, and it'll probably crack. Drop a ProPoly from a few stories up, and it'll suffer no damage.

Its spot is a very no-frills deal: There's a tight hotspot, mildly artifacted corona, and nice spillbeam. This is less of a general area illuminator and more of a spot interest illuminator. Use it to pick out landmarks while hiking, inspect trouble spots on a construction site, or show off to your friends during the next power outage.

The switch is in the back of the light. This encourages the over-the-shoulder hold, where the user keeps the light near eye level, as opposed to a side-switch light that is meant to be held at waist level.

The light has a bezel shroud with plastic window, reflector/emitter assembly, batteries, and body. The rear switch area of the light does not detach.

The light pulls 0.5A at 5V, consuming 2.5W.

This excellent light is even better when you consider its low price of less than $30.