Inova Radiant 2AA

This light is one of Inova's stripped-down-unplugged models, with most of the features and quality found in their better (more expensive) lights.

As you can see in the picture below, the switch is not protected. If you drop it on its tailcap, the switch WILL activate, possibly leaving you in the dark. This also makes it unable to tailstand. However, it is resistant to rolling because of its flat sides.

I don't know if I would trust this light in a wet environment because of the vents at the head.

The spot of this light is actually very nice, with a perfectly smooth circle going rapidly to a nice spillbeam. There isn't really a corona to speak of. It's a very useful beam. The tint is pure white.

The head is nonremovable, and the tailcap has a stop built in so that everything lines up neatly when the light is closed up. The batteries go in NEGATIVE FIRST. This is indicated by the little positive terminal in the tailcap with a "+" sign on it.

This light pulls .28A at 2.4V, consuming .672W.

The Radiant 2AA is a great gift for non-flashaholics, because it's tough, simple, useful, and inexpensive ($20). However, flashaholics would probably prefer something nicer.