Fenix P1D-CE black

This will be the first flashlight that I return. Why am I returning such a popular light?

These two problems make the light difficult to enjoy, making it jump between levels because of the sloppy threads, preventing it from accessing low mode because of the high mode that goes before it, and the SOS that's so slow as to be pretty much useless to anyone.

I wanted to like this light, I really did. The first mass-produced Cree XR-E light, with multiple brightness levels and additional modes, all in a very compact package, sounded almost too good to be true... And, as it turns out, it was.

Here's a video of the thread slop. Simply absurd.


As tested by CPFer UnknownVT, the P1D-CE pulls 0.08A on low, 0.45A on medium, and 1.46A on high, at 2.92V, for power consumptions of 0.2336W, 1.314W, and 4.2632W, respectively.

I believe this model was rushed into production, and, as such, whizzed right by Fenix's usual standards of quality and design. The upcoming L1D-CE sounds like a winner, with a better UI (1>2>3>SOS or 4>Strobe) and (hopefully) better performance with a Li-Ion (which makes the P1D-CE lose its variable output levels). I will, of course, wait until the fuss dies down. It was no fun being the guinea pig.