Fenix P1

The Fenix P1 is the quintessential no-frills pocket rocket. It puts out a beautiful, bright, useful beam for two hours, then dims. I carried one on my keychain for a few months, and it served me well.

Fenix anodizing (on black finishes, at least) isn't really up to snuff, as you can see in the following picture.

However, it's still a beautifully functional light. It can get pretty hot with little delay, so be careful of giving this light to non-flashaholics. Also, try not to use the tailstand feature for too long, as this light relies on your hand to provide a bloodstream heatpump to keep it cool. Remember though - it's bright!

It pulls 0.78A at 2.6V, for 2.028W of power consumption.

The P1 was a great light when released, and it remains such, but it's obsolete, overshadowed by brighter and better lights.