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An Auroralite Minimag hotwire making holes in some newspaper
How to swap the emitter in an Argo HP for a Seoul
This is a Marlin 980S. It's a .22LR magazine-fed bolt-action rifle. It has a synthetic stock and stainless steel barrel.
Spas at play
An Auroralite Minimag hotwire igniting a match
This is a Streamlight Scorpion LED with a Seoul USW0I
Here, I explain how to load and fire a cap-and-ball muzzleloader.
Spas's signature trick
This is a LarryK12 setting some newspaper quite thoroughly on fire
Night-Ops Gladius battery swap
Leor firing his .54
Spas performing several tricks
Fun with WD-40
Blindfolded Night-Ops Gladius operation
Here I am firing a .454 Casull revolver
How to solder
At last week's Flashapalooza II in the CA Bay Area, CPFers had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, as well as playing with some awesome flashlights! Here, we use TigerhawkT3's (my) LarryK12 to start a newspaper fire in about 60 seconds! This was only the first of three hotwire firestarting attempts with three different setups, all of which were successful! Hooray! Many thanks to cqbdude, who took this video and snapped many pictures of our fun. Thanks, Raul!
Huntlight FT-01XSE P4 modes
Here's my friend firing a .454 Casull revolver
Assembling a D/A OTF
The magic of an ellipsoidal reflector
P1D-CE thread slop
Here's my friend firing a .460 cartridge out of a .454 Casull revolver
Transforming an Inka
Holy Macaroni Mushrooms!
A 62138 build with an LM317T in the tailcap
Me and my shotgun
Some people do this. Really.
A 9- or 11-Cree, fully variable current-controlled, tripod-mountable video light.
My friend and my shotgun
This short film was conceived, scripted, shot, edited, and screened in one week for Santa Clara University's BroncoTV film club.
The dimmable Mag I built for my friend Paul's 21st birthday.
I apologize for the sound quality, but this video shows a vintage Soviet rifle, circa 1938. It's bolt-action, with a five-round integral magazine fed by stripper clips.
How to Tie Shoes
  Paul with his new flashlight!