Blackhawk! Mod-U-Lok

The Mod-U-Lok (MUL) is Blackhawk!/Night-Ops's holster solution. It's one of those holsters that demonstrates real thought, instead of just being a nylon tube, loop, and flap with some Velcro. This thing is versatile and durable.

In the above picture, you can see the bottom section that holds the head or tail of a flashlight, the removable rubber retention strap, and the mounting screws holding this piece to the clamp assembly. In the picture below, you can see the section that actually holds the flashlight on the left, and the caret-shaped clamp assy on the right, with a hinge at the top.

In the picture below, you can see what passes for the guts of the MUL. The flashlight holder is screwed to the clamp assy, and can be removed and reinstalled in any of several orientations. It can also be removed and attached to an optional MOLLE attachment point. To the right of this part is the hinge, which connects the two halves of the clamp assy. On the right half of the clamp assy, near the hinge, there is a tension tab to keep the MUL tight on your belt, followed by a lip that hugs the bottom edge of your belt. At the bottom of this section is the gap that matches with the locking tab on the opposite half of the clamp assy.

It's quite simple to replace and remove flashlights into and from this holster. Just press the light in with a twisting motion. I made a video of it:


Action shots!

As you can see, the MUL can easily accomodate:

The MUL is meant for tactical-type lights with a 1" body and 1.25" bezel/tail. This includes the above lights, many Surefires, and other similar lights.

I've carried my Gladius in a MUL for a few months now, and it's fantastic. I actually bought a second MUL to go with my new HuntLight FT-01XSE Cree. If you want a serious holster, get a Mod-U-Lok.