MiniMagLED 2AA/3AA

I'm going to be lazy and put two lights into a single review, but there's a good reason: the only difference between the pair is added length for an extra cell.

I couldn't restrain myself, and recently ordered two MiniMagLEDs from Lighthound, one in 2AA, the other in 3AA. No surprises - the focusing actually works (unlike the incan models), the output and runtime are both quite decent (again, unlike the incan models), and there are a few slight differences from the original MiniMag. The head of the LED version is slightly longer, the tailcap dispenses with the lanyard attachment point, the reflector is optimized for a LuxIII instead of an incan "rice bulb," and the entire tailcap has been completely redesigned. Most aftermarket accessories should still fit, but tailcaps meant for the original MiniMag will need their springs stretched a bit to mimic the larger MiniMag LED tailcap.

The picture immediately below is the 2AA version, and the one below that is the 3AA.

The disassembled light below is the 2AA, and the one below that is the 3AA.

The LA and tailcap are the same for both lights. The driver electronics are different, though, to properly use two or three alkaline cells.

The 2AA version runs at 2.4V, 0.46A, 1.104W, and the 3AA runs at 3.9V, 0.65A, 2.535W.

Overall, these are mediocre lights when compared to the many stellar performers already available. Compared to the stock, original incan MiniMag, however, these lights are a no-brainer, offering the benefits of LED versus incan in a familiar package. Hopefully, the ordinary consumer will go for these instead of the incan version.