Street Wise Lightning Rod LR-800

This is one heck of a sleeper light. Remove the cap and activate the switch, and you get a choice of two outputs. The lower button activates a handy 5mm LED. The upper button, however, activates an 800kV stunner! Electricity arcs between the electrodes and a surprisingly loud crackle will make your audience jump in astonishment. It makes a great "I'm crazy and I like it" light.

It comes with a nice sheath, with a belt loop and Velcro-type closure.

Unfortunately, this light is made of rather thin-looking plastic and runs on a pair of CR2 cells. These are basically the same price as CR123A, but they're smaller and weaker.

The instructions warn against test-firing the stunner for more than a second at a time.

Until you memorize which button is the light and which is the stunner, you'll have to play a nice little guessing game, because the buttons aren't labeled.

The beam is weak but usable. The hotspot is a sharply-defined, narrow flood. There is no corona or spillbeam.

The LED draws 0.07A at 4.2V, for 0.294W of power consumption.

This device (I'm not sure whether to call it a light with an integrated stunner or vice-versa!) is a great novelty party trick for about $40.

No, I haven't tested the stunner on anyone.