Fenix L0D-CE

If I could pick one word to describe the L0D-CE, it would have to be "HAHAHAHAAAAAA!"

Why, you ask? The answer is simple: this is a fantastic light for keychain EDC, for flashaholics and the unenlightened alike. It has Fenix's "off for less than 1.5 seconds" switching system, with Primary>Low>High>Strobe>S.O.S. available in that order. With an ordinary alkaline AAA or preferably a NiMH AAA, it's an incredibly versatile and efficient light, with enough options, output, and runtime for most situations. With a 10440 (AAA-sized) 3.7V Lithium-Ion cell, however, you get a whole different animal - output rockets up, runtime plummets, and High brightness makes the light uncomfortably hot in just a few seconds! Chevrofreak tested High on Li-Ion as around 150 lumens, with a runtime of a mere ten minutes! Now, my Huntlight FT-01XSE P4 is also supposedly 150 lumens, but it has both more throw and a wider hotspot, so I don't know what the deal is with that.

As you can see, it comes with a tiny split ring and a nice pocket clip, but no lobster claw. I made a sheath for it out of 1" tubular nylon webbing (generously given to me by CPFer Dutch... thanks a million!) that protects it from wear while on my keychain. Below are pictures of the emitter/reflector and then the underside of the head. Size-wise, it has the exact same body as the various L0Ps or the E1.

The weird thing about this light is that its PWM is actually a benefit, allowing it to effectively provide lower output modes even with the higher voltage of a 10440. With a current-regulated light like the L_D-CEs, this isn't possible (a single Li-Ion works, but makes all the modes equally bright). This is an ideal light to prove your flashaholism (insanity) to the unenlightened, prompting raised eyebrows and cautiously-delivered questions.

As a bonus, the build quality is up to the traditional Fenix standard, with nice, smooth threads.

At 3.8V on a 10440, the light pulls 0.18A, 0.43A, and 1.26A on Low, Medium, and High, respectively, for power consumption of 0.684W, 1.634W, and 4.788W.

Keep in mind the shorter runtimes with this cell. I recommend buying more than one cell and doing frequent swapping and topping off.

Here's the bottom line: Buy one. In terms of lumens/dollar and lumens/volume, it's simply amazing. I'm very happy with it.