Lumilite K-2D

The Lumilite K2D is an old plastic 2D incan, which I modified with an SMJLED from the Sandwich Shoppe.

There's a piece of tape with my name on it near the tail, meaning that I must have taken it to a camp at some point. Since I haven't been to camp in many years, you can be assured that this light is pretty old.

As you can see, though, its reflector is quite adequate for an SMJLED.

Now, when I first dug this light out of storage, it was running on a pair of "D" cell NiCads. The reason the "D" is in quotes is because they were really AA cells with adaptors, kind of like what Energizer does with their NiMHs. They're labeled as Radioshacks, with 2Ah capacity.

In the shot above, you can see the genuine Coppertops I put in to replace the ancient NiCads, along with the underside of the bezel assembly, the bulb holder, and the SMJLED. The SMJLED goes into that hole in the bezel, and the holder is the screwed in over it. There's a metal tab on the underside of the bulb holder.

The SMJLED draws 0.15A of power at 2.7V, consuming 0.405W of power.

Well, that's about it - an old 2D incan given new life by an LED dropin.