Extech IR201 IR Thermometer

If you work with flashlights or other electrical devices, you should get a non-contact thermometer. This particular one is a small Extech model, which runs on a pair of AAA cells and has a low-powered laser for aiming (it also comes with a wrist lanyard and nylon carrying case, which has an unneeded small pouch for spare cells).. This can be used to check temperatures of chargers, charging cells, discharging cells, soldered connections, bulbs, LEDs, light heads, or any other area that can become too hot to handle. I much prefer finding out that something is hot by looking at a little LCD rather than scorching my tender fingertips.

The symbols are as follows:

At 3V, this device pulls 20.8mA (62.4mW) when just displaying a readout, 22.3mA (66.9mW) when scanning, and a whopping 40.8mA (122.4mW) when scanning with the laser. This means long, long battery life.

Below is the "distance to spot" diagram on the unit:

Below is the battery compartment, with the F/C switch below the lower cell:

For about $40, this handy gadget proves its worth quite often. I'm very happy with it.