RadioShack Digital Sound Level Meter

This is a decent decibel meter, intended to calibrate speakers and other audio equipment. However, I acquired one to test decibel levels of my various noisemaking projects.

As you can see, it comes with a handy carrying case.

Yes, that silvery port in the above picture is a standard tripod mount. Don't ask me why.

It uses a 9V battery for power; the little red tab there is to facilitate its removal.

It has seven ranges, each 20dB wide. Its lowest range is 50-70dB, and its highest is 110-126dB. If the noise level detected is above the selected range, the display will show the maximum value for that range. If the noise is below the selected range, the display will show "LOW."

This meter has proven to be accurate and versatile for my uses, although a bit costly (about $50).