Camo 3D Mag-Lite

It's a Mag with a camo paint job. Nice.

I got this Mag for a specific purpose. I wanted to try out a 3-watt Diamond LED module (the DB-3W). After receiving a lemon and writing to the webstore I got it from, I was sent a new module. It's pretty good.

The module is a PR base LED with an integrated bulb collar. This means that once you've unscrewed the stock bulb collar and removed the bulb, you can just screw this sucker right in. It's pretty convenient, but not all lights have bulb sockets like Mag's, so the module may not fit quite well in other PR lights.

Current draw is 0.8A at 3V for 2.4W of power consumption.

3D is a pretty nice form factor, and the camo paintjob both looks great and feels grippier than a standard Mag coating. I can't really recommend the Diamond module, because there are better choices available.