12" Electronic Digital Calipers

It's not a ruler. It's not measuring tape. It's a micrometer! Yeeha!

This really is an excellent tool. You'll never go back to an ordinary ruler once you have one of these. It's just so much easier and more accurate that you'll wonder why you didn't go for one earlier, especially since they're available for pretty low prices all over the web.

Above is the case. It's plastic with a wood grain pattern. There's no latch, but it requires a bit of force to click it open or closed. Below is the interior, with the instructions, guarantee, calipers, and spare button cell. It's quite a decent case.

Below, you can see the main O.D. jaws, the auxiliary I.D. jaws in the rear, the electronic body, the small locking screw, and the larger adjustment wheel.

There's also a depth measurer. I haven't used it too often, but it was nice to have one when I wanted it.

Of course, you can use the ruled area without the electronics to make quick measurements.

These things are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 4" to three feet or more. The small ones are usually quite inexpensive, at $20 for a 4" or 6" model and around $30-40 for a 12" like this one. I got mine from an eBay store, and I feel that I got a great deal.

Get some electronic digital calipers. You'll be really glad you did.