Blue Mini-Mag-Lite

This is the quintessential loaner light. The host Minimag was given to me by a buddy when we were cleaning out his Public Storage space, the batteries ZTSed at less than 60% and my work was going to throw them away, and the LA is a cheapo Nite-Ize. (Yes, I convinced my workplace to buy a real tester instead of a $2 analog voltmeter.)

The NI module is a direct replacement for the classic Minimag stock lamp. It's three 5mm LEDs (mine are white, but they're available in many colors) and a little black dot that seems to serve the same function as the human appendix: none. This module can be purchased separately or packaged with a tail clickie. The combo is an extra fifty cents, bringing the total up to a whopping $8.50. It's a good clickie, too, because although it can't tailstand, it's a forward-clickie and it's more compact and reliable than the Kroll.

The beam is more than enough for navigation, with a bluish, unfocusable flood. Keep in mind that the actual blue module is much bluer. Battery life is amazing, as well. Just slap in a couple alks and forget about it.

This light pulls 0.21A at 2.3V, for power consumption of 0.483W.

If you have a spare Minimag sitting around, put a NI in it. It's handy and really inexpensive.