FavourLight (Nuwai) HLX-712L

Thisis one sweet headlight. If you buy it from AmondoTech, you can get it for $27.50+shipping, and if you do a search on "712L," you'll see a result that offers eight (8) extra Titanium lithiums for free! In addition, it already comes with a pair of Duracell lithiums in the package.

As you can see, the cells are held vertically behind the LA. The light's electronics are directly behind the LA, with the cells on either side.

This headlight is very similar to the Argo HP, with a few exceptions:

An Argo HP runs about $45. This headlight is less than $30+shipping, and comes with eight extra cells. I liked this headlight so much, I bought two more! They're still in the package, but next time I go camping or something, I'll be sure to bring them along. I've said many times that a headlamp is invaluable because it frees up both hands, letting you cook, pitch a tent, or carry a large object. After wearing one for a few minutes, you'll wonder how you could have functioned without one.

This headlight pulls 0.26A on high, 0.13A on medium, and 0.06A on low mode at 5.6V, for 1.456W, 0.728W, and 0.336W of power consumption, respectively.

This headlight offers simply enormous bang for the buck. If you need a great headlight on a tight budget, get this one.