Dorcy 41-4291

The Dorcy 41-4291 is more commonly known as the Dorcy 3W lantern. It's a lantern-style light, with a handle, stand, and included 4D>lantern adapter. Being a lantern, it has room for a huge reflector, which makes for appropriately huge throw from the side-emitting Luxeon III. However, the beam is absolutely horrid, with wiggly swirls and splotches. Fortunately, they pretty much disappear when you use this light on long-distance targets. The battery life is simply amazing, as well, being a resistored direct drive. The resistor is pretty big, but other than that, I don't know much about it.

This form factor is worlds better than the standard inline format popularized by Mag Instruments. It's more compact, it has a nice carry handle, and the stand is great for putting light where you want it.


Okay, it doesn't quite inspire doom, but it's pretty big.

This is a really handy light, with decent output, great runtime, and a wonderful form factor.


I was recently comparing this light to other, newly acquired flashlights, and the more I tested, the bigger the difference seemed to get. I eventually realized that this light was actually getting really dim. Fortunately, I had previously measured its power consumption as:

Pulling 0.9A at 4.2V, for 3.78W,

So I was quite irked when I measured my strangely dim flashlight and found that it pulled a mere 0.05A at 6V (0.3W)! I was suggested the theory that it cooked itself because of the plastic mount it sits on (zero heatsinking), but I really don't know what's causing it. I'm thinking of just giving Dorcy a call to get it fixed up. Hopefully, it's a one-time problem and the replacement will provide years of good service. For now though, I can't recommend this light until it's working properly again.